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2009 26 August

The paper mailing

The mailing paper differs from print no address, just ... because it is addressed.

You can create your own mailing lists from directories, advertisements received ... or you purchased from specialized companies. If your prospects are businesses, ITC offer files for variable prices.

It is generally accepted by specialists that the mailings were the most effective presentation approximating a traditional letter:

• The sender in the upper left (name and address)

• The recipient in the upper right

• The place and date at the top right

• The purpose of the letter

• The message, the text of the letter with a margin of at least 2.3 cm on each side.

• a signature at the bottom of the letter

• Possibly a Postscript

The contents of the letter:

• A hook rather short letter in early

• A proposition of a product or service

• Highlight the strengths, benefits of your proposal

• Be clear, do not use expressions or overly technical language. must write to be read and understood easily

• Aerate your submission

• Personalize the text: put yourself in the shoes of the person who will receive the message.

It is often possible to add a reply slip a leaflet in the envelope.

Stages of a mailing are:

• Selection and / or creation of mailing

• Purchase supplies (envelopes, paper)

• Printing documents

• Folding letters

• buffering of letters (for returns IASP)

• Putting in envelopes

• Closed envelopes

Some figures for guidance:

• The encasing of 2,000 letters requires thirty hours.

• Rates of Post vary between 30 and 40 cents per letter for a quantity of 2000.

A rate of return considered positive cyclic up to 5%.