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2009 26 August

What is sales ?

The sale of goods and / or services the company is of course an essential step. It takes place in several stages:

1. Prospecting for potential customers (which you have defined the characteristics during the market study)

2. Converting potential customers into customers for your real business. For this you need to develop a set of tools adapted to convince prospects:

3. The customer loyalty: There is only one valid business policy: customer satisfaction by making every effort to listen to the needs and satisfy the products and / or adapted services.

Define a marketing strategy is to first assess the budget required to achieve the turnover set by the market research and forecasting in finance.

Then it is to develop a set of tools that will present the corporate identity to potential customers.

• The logo: must be original, easily identifiable, summarized the concept of the company, and be easily reproducible on all official documents of the company.

• The Slogan or "baseline" is a motto that sums up the credo of the company.

• The graphic is a set of color codes and patterns which are found on all official documents and commercial enterprise (paper letterhead) to give consistency to all these documents and distribute a common identity.

Other tools are needed to canvass potential clients submit their products and services company and convince them:

• The paper mailing

• The website

• The printed without address

The tools above are sufficient by themselves to introduce the company to prospects.

However, the vote requires phoning direct involvement. The purpose of a telephone conversation is primarily to get an appointment for a sales talk.

The card is a complementary tool to a sales talk or a more informal meeting.

All these tools are available for developing your business. The role of creator-director of a company is to find the right combination of tools works best in terms of its business, its capabilities, and its objectives.