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2009 26 August

Sales interview

The interview should allow your interlocteur: You know, your company, products and services that you offer ... and especially, how it meets one or more of its needs.

The sales talk is an exercise in interpersonal skills of listening and dialogue. A "shift in power" would have no chance of success.

Listening is useful for identifying the prospect's need, the dialogue to tailor your arguments to their situation and needs. Feel free to reformulate several occasions the need expressed by your partner.

An interview should be prepared in advance. The preparation work before the interview is to gather some information on your interviewer and his company to evaluate how your products and services will meet their needs.

It is also very important to develop an argument that enhances the quality of your products. You simply call the real product and its use in situations.

To convince sincerely believe in the quality of your products and services.

Please bring samples, photos, to support your argument.

Leave a business card and / or a brochure of your company before you leave your partner.