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2009 26 August


In the same way that you send letters to recipients you choose, it is preferable to define in advance what interlocutors might be interested, you'll call.

This method will save you effort and unnecessary costs.

Prepare, therefore, a database, a table with a list of companies or individuals to call. Provide a box to indicate the contents of the telephone interview.

Prepare well (this is essential) a "maintenance guide" written to direct phone conversation with your caller to your goal is: making appointments. It is indeed very rare to succeed in finalizing a sale through a simple phone call.

Choose as many as possible the date and time of your call.

Arrange a sheet and a pencil to follow the progress of your interview and record information relevant to your future sales talk.

The outline of the telephone interview guide:

• Placing a potential barrier (a secretary)

• Ask permission to start a conversation a few minutes.

• Introduce yourself and your company

• Provide a hook adapted to start the conversation dynamically (like a letter)

• Present your offer, make a proposal

• Listen to the objections

• Try to respond to objections with your argument.

• Find out how the prospect can become a client.

• Offer an appointment to present your services further.

• Offer several dates and times for an appointment.

Speak simply, pay attention to the pace and volume of voice, enunciate and try not to talk too fast (it's difficult for everyone).

Try to smile over the phone, it means, and it's good for everybody.