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2009 26 August

The business card

The card is given to someone, usually at the end of an interview, a meeting for this moment to remind your partner.

Enter the logo, name and contact information of your company and your role in it.

You can choose to use an advertising agency or a freelance graphic designer who will often work just as successful. Look at his "Book" to get a clearer picture of his creations.

The solution can also come through the creation of a working house.

Design a business card simple and attractive. In general, make a document that you want to watch and give.

There are sheets of A4 cards pre-cut passing through the tray of your printer.

This solution allows to edit them sparingly as they can quickly become obsolete when your business grows.

Once the maintenance of successful sales, you will save to the customer's order and to provide or offer (s) / service (s) to recognize that in the figures for the company to issue an invoice, ...