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2009 26 August

The coordination of the company

The entrepreneur must continuously and simultaneously coordinate multiple jobs, multiple activities, some that he (she) realizes itself, performed by other employees or partners.

All this requires a strong organization. In the arrangement of papers in the methods of work (to move quickly and well) ...

To handle multiple concurrent activities (let's call them: projects) each project must be identified by the result it will get.

Each project is a piece of the puzzle that must be carried out and meeting other to form a global work: ultimately the entire organization.

The work of the entrepreneur is:

• Establish a list of projects relevant to the Enteprise

• Give priority to more urgent projects

• Participate to the most urgent ...

For example, the first draft of a business is to fill the file created on a CFE: "Center of formality of enterprises"

This project will fill a folder is itself in a larger project, a phase that could be called "start-up" which contains the elements:

• Find a Local

• Subscribe to electricity and telephone

• complete the back of the CFE

• Obtain approval

• ...

It's like a shopping list should be made in order.

To achieve a level of organized labor, it is necessary to estimate the time required to complete a project, a sub-project (hence the importance of knowing the work before delegating).

Depending on the working time available and emergencies (inevitable) that may occur, the company director will establish some priorities imposed on him and others that are more intuitive, a subjective choice.

By making a regular item on the progress and pointing to possible delays, it will be possible to adjust the work plan and distribute it in a way suitable.

The company will go through several stages: stabilization of activity, development ... which themselves contain specific projects that will move to the next phase ...