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The importance of legal and fiscal aspects in entrepreneurship? How the two are linked? What impact have these choices? ...

The legal and tax issues is a crucial choice to make when creating your business. Indeed, the status you choose for your company will determine the taxation and the rate and you must bear, in both the company and your personal assets.

In addition to your tax, the choice of the status of your company will also determine your level of responsibility on your personal assets in case of bankruptcy of the company.

Legal and tax issues are a matter for specialists (accountants, lawyers, shop management, ...) with complex rules and the fact that they are likely to change over time (depending on the tax policies of states).
However, this section will inform you of great principles, in order to have the first concepts you to look at the text of the regulations in force or to speak with professionals.

A report: the great legal and tax business creation are very similar in countries with developed economies, with the exception of a few peculiarities.

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