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2009 26 August

Documentation in a company

Of all activities, all work in the company, it is one that is really important: the movement and storage of written information.

It is crucial for the proper functioning of an organization that players now have the right information at right time, and if possible to reach.

The information is necessary for work. For example, when to establish an employment contract or an invoice to a customer, it is necessary to have the names and addresses of people interested. Each has written a useful value from the information it conveys.

This work therefore concerns the management, but it is also essential for marketing: a salesperson visiting a customer must have the customer's address, the name of the caller and the list of recent orders that have been past. .. An advertisement must have the logo of the enterprise and contact ...

The management of information must be given special attention. The preferred tool storage and flow of information today is information technology, which creates:

• Document Summary

• Database clients / prospects

A documentation center, more or less is therefore generally necessary to manage the storage, archiving the various information sources (magazines, books, websites, ...) connected with the company's business and useful for understanding its market.

Expect to integrate enterprise information sources and archiving capabilities are often required to monitor and anticipate market developments, to avoid the dangers and opportunities.