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2009 26 August

What is a business model ?

A business model is the fundamental characteristic of a business which a company organizes its particular way of making money (In the balance: to find more potential customers and spend the minimum cost).

Some companies outsource up. It is often the case with large brands are the customers (by major advertising campaigns) and shall bear the burden of production on sub-contractors.

At each company, its way of organizing to minimize costs and increase sales.

Examples of business models

The business model of Ferrari: no stock: the cars are ordered by customers and paid in advance. It is a significant cash windfall for the company it is called also work just in time. And the trade mark proves that the formula "must be a ferrari car desired. This approach works by model quality, design, branding, the history of the brand ...

Businesses on the Internet: No fee rental window: only an online store: You can not manage the stocks and shipments ...

Each type of company has a business model: a walking sandwich, a start-up, the automatic video-clubs, ...