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2009 25 August

What is business plan ?

The business plan is a document of synthesis between 10 and 20 A4 pages summarizing your proposed business creation. This document is also a demonstration: you must prove that your project is good and therefore it will become profitable: as all companies must get. The business plan is there to verify the intuition, the premise of the project

How to make a business plan ?

The business plan is a synthesis of studies you have undertaken. DOncil must first understand the studies of the creation of your business. Part marketing: that is to say, know your market and your future customers. Part of financial management: that is to say, the advance planning of your budget on the first 5 years of activity. And finally, part strategy: What choices are you going to run your business? How will you maximize your study markeintg and what actions will you implement? A presentation of you, the wearer of the project: why do you succeed? What is your background? Qulles are your qualifications?

who is a business plan made for ?

The business plan is first for you: this is the list of all the arguments that show that your project will work well. So a document that reinforces your confidence in your project. "My project will work because ... because ... and because ... !".

The business plan will also use to market to banks if you need a loan. You show what year banker turnover you intend, what are your costs and the margin that you release the first year, second year ...

With this document you can quickly explain your project to someone who knew nothing about few minutes ago. So it's a useful document also looking for partnerships, associates, ... (note also in this latter case to provide a streamlined business plan does not make you steal your ideas by unscrupulous people).

In summary: the art of the business plan is to have proof that you have not yet realized: feel free to submit figures, cite your sources of information, argue incessantly your point of view.