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2009 26 August

Marketing in business plan

Create a business plan is to have customers. Who are they? They will buy? Why will they buy? Lalla How do you convince them? What are your selling points? What does your company more compared to its competitors?

Marketing in general is designed to answer such questions. In the business plan you will summarize (outline) of the study of your future customers, and offer what is called "marketing mix" of your business.

The marketing mix is well known in the field of marketing. It is a term used to express the fact that marketing, which is primarily a period of reflection and study, should be a set of actions. The marketing mix is precisely the description of actions implementing the conclusions of the study overall.

It summarizes the marketing mix in 4 points: the "4 P": price, product, promotion, place.

The first P: the price is obviously the choice of selling price. The second P determines the intrinsic characteristics of the product. The third P: is any method used to promote sales: the number of sellers, product packaging, packaging, promotional offers periodically available ... The fourth P indicates the point or points of sale of the product (and their characteristics).

And of course: the "4 P" must be consistent, in resonance with each other. No aberration style: too low a price for a product with a brand "luxury" for example. And if it is a luxury product, it needs to be distributed in a place in line: upscale restaurant or shop chic (and not a tobacco shop).