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2009 26 August

Creating a website

A website provides a presence for your business around the world, 24h/24, 7days / 7.

The technology can now create websites with animation (Flash, Javascript), the integrated databases that make the website adaptable and scalable.

There are two major kinds of sites:

• Sites "windows" which simply Job title of show business, its operations and its coordinates.

• Sites "online store" that offrrent the opportunity to present a catalog of products changed and selling these products to users with a system of online payment.

The content Internet sites:

• The graphic: preparing the site for corporate colors with the development of the logo.

• The presentation of the company's business.

• The details of the company.

• A contact form by email.

• The catalog of products with possibly a dynamic update references.

• Referencing the site to make it visible to the largest number of internet users possible. Referencing is accomplished through those directories and search engines, sponsored links, ...

The content of all sites is generally the same. The difference lies in the arrangement of pages between them, that is to say, navigation, and the graphic is to say the overall design of the site based on the story the company, its image, its orientation, ...

If you want to create your website, you can visit this page: and contact me by clicking here.